Who we are

We are an engineering company specialising in waste to energy plant design and committed to the circular economy.

All our activities are directed at developing ECO-SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS that contribute to reducing non-recyclable matter and enhancing the value of recyclable matter as an asset, thus preserving the planet and generating a positive impact on our quality of life.

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Our circular mission

Think green-act circular is the imperative that expresses our identity and our mission. Thought and action proceed together and sustain each other to generate a NEW MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT that cares about our wellbeing and that of the planet we inhabit, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We recognise the large-scale effects caused by environmental criticalities and believe in the need for a drastic reduction in carbon emissions and raw material use. We advocate balancing environmental trade-offs with a multidisciplinary approach that combines innovation, business development and social responsibility. Our AMBITION is to contribute to the development of a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Provider of Project Management Services in civil and industrial design projects based on the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology. Our services include Works Supervision and work plan inspections for validation/approval purposes in compliance with prevailing legislation. We are also an accredited Energy Service Company (ESCO according to EGE UNI 11339), and we are certified by CERTING for “waste collection, treatment and disposal – soil remediation – industrial wastewater purification plant”.

We operate a corporate quality system and are the first company in Sicily with SGBIM quality certification according to the UNI/PdR 74:2019 standard for design and modelling. Our entire BIM team is certified for the digital management of information processes in construction and modelling. Our team is recognised for its expert competence in ITACA protocols (PDR/UNI 13:2019), a high-level criteria assessment tool for determining building sustainability in terms not only of energy and water consumption and material quality but also in terms of environmental and health impact. We have also achieved the certification of our occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018.

We are proud to have been honoured with the National 100 Italian Excellences Award, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, for our outstanding engineering services. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recognised OWAC as an accomplished company for the development of international cooperation projects; in 2019 and 2023, it was selected for its ecological transition competence by the Rome hosting committee for the Italy_China and Tunisia_Italy B2B initiatives, respectively.

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Our multidisciplinary team

Constant innovation, together with great teamwork, enables us to reach acknowledged levels of excellence. Our most important resource for generating change are PEOPLE, their diversified skills and energy.

The management team of OWAC, which stands for Open Water Company, is composed of individuals who enjoy spending their free time in water and have incorporated its symbolism into their design approach.

“Imagining vast and ever-changing horizons, such as those of the sea,” says our CEO Rocco Martello, an Italian spearfishing champion, “dynamically exercises daily problem-solving endeavour, with competence and flexibility, making us receptive to learning and focused on technological progression”. We carefully foster human capital and SHARED KNOWLEDGE, the result of slow layering and daily commitment, which we transfer to new arrivals.

Today, OWAC comprises more than 50 specialised professionals with SPECIFIC TECHNICAL EXPERTISE for each operational sector. We can thus achieve the best possible results and provide our clients with up-to-date design solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

Clients & partner

We believe in SYNERGIES and international cooperation to overcome new global challenges that require us to be increasingly perceptive. That is why over the years, we have developed networks, forged major agreements and partnerships and are constantly collaborating with research organisations, universities and government institutions to collectively build change day by day.