What we do

We design sustainable, efficient and innovative environmental engineering solutions.

Our WASTE TO ENERGY plants produce energy and enable the reuse of materials by reducing their environmental footprint, carbon emissions and unusable material residue destined for landfills.

Where we are

We operate in several countries, cooperating with government institutions and local industries.


With this in mind, we set up the OWAC Enviromental Development Hub (OWAC_EDH) with the aim of connecting with specific expertise pools, research institutes and the best technologies to address environmental issues in a cross-sectoral and global manner. OWAC_EDH also coordinates the training of aspiring sector professionals with specialised courses and specific internships.

Where we are


Palermo, Shanghai, Dubai


We leverage technological innovation to create value. It enables us to meet high international quality standards through innovative and standardised design methods.
We use integrated design platforms with BIM methodology, DRONES for monitoring and surveying, and VIRTUAL REALITY models for the works design and control phases.


Our services cover ALL PROJECT PHASES, from conception to operations monitoring. We provide strategic advice to public body and private clients for the development of large-scale environmental strategies.