Environmental emergency and permanent measures – Augusta

Environmental emergency and permanent measures – Augusta


Augusta (SR)


Type of service:
Final design for Emergency and Permanent Safety Measures

Design period:

Technical data

Land plot area:
18.000 m²

Sustainable development objectives | Agenda ONU 2023


The design was developed in accordance to the need of the Municipality of Augusta to
operate the permanent safety measures (according to the Law Decree No. 152/06 and
further amendments) for the municipal landfills located in “Ogliastro di Sopra” district.
In particular, basins No. 7 and No. 8 have repeatedly caused leachate spilling in the last
years, at the same time with heavy rainfalls. This is caused by the lack of the waterproof
final capping of the waste and so the rain infiltrates into the waste mass. The lack of
adequate storage tanks has also caused these problems because the leachate cannot
be pumped and stored during these meteorological events.
The project of the Emergency, Operational and Permanent Safety measures concerns the
following topics:

  • To isolate the landfill basin by the rainfall;
  • To offer the maximum hydraulic safety of the adjacent surface area, through the
    interception and removal of all the surface rainwater by the construction of drainage
    canals onto the landfill basins which are linked to the perimetral drainage system;
    the contour Of the bordering areas (owned by the Municipal Administration too)
    allows the natural removal of the collected water.

Therefore the purpose of the entire project is to guarantee the environmental protection
of soil, surface water and groundwater from any contamination due to the waste mass,
interrupting the leak of leachate from the landfill basins and preventing the infiltration
of rainwater into the waste mass.