Enlargement of an existing composting plant – Agrigento

Enlargement of an existing composting plant – Agrigento


C.da Manica Lunga – Joppolo Giancaxio (AG)


Type pf service:
Preliminary and final design

Design period:
January- April 2017

Technical data

Site area:
72.000 m²

Sustainable development objectives | Agenda ONU 2023


The proposed plant layout has the main objective to develop a new and larger configuration
of an existing composting plant for organic waste treatment and high-quality compost
production. The project also provides the technology improvement for the process.
The enlargement of the existing plant consists in the construction of a new building in
which the composting process will start inside no. 12 closed tunnels (process period 4
After the intense composting phase, the material will be moved to the final maturation
section (after screening operation). This phase will occur in dynamic windrows subjected
to forced ventilation inside a closed concrete building. A further final maturation phase is
also provided through static windrows, so that the composting process can be completed,
obtaining a high-quality compost for sales.
The project provides an increase of the composting treatment capacity equal to 30.000
t/year, which increases, together with the existing authorized capacity 26.000 t/year (AIA
authorization released by D.D.S. n. 1897 del 12/11/2014 for R3, R13 operation), the plant
capacity up to 56.000 t/year.