Enlargement of a biostabilization plant – Catania

Enlargement of a biostabilization plant – Catania


c.da Codavolpe (CT)


Type of service:
Executive planning and construction management

Design period  :
April 2018

Technical data

Total area:
29.700 m²

Sustainable development objectives | Agenda ONU 2023


The project of enlargement Sicula Trasporti S.r.l. plant is designed to cope with the ever
increasing demand for specific treatment of the mechanical selection of undifferentiated
In particular, the projec involves the construction of a new section of aerobic biostabilization
of the under screen waste from the undifferentiated urban waste selection plant.
This plant section involves the construction of two bio-tunnel batteries, each of which
consists of n. 16 polyethylene tubular containers with forced air recirculation, inside which
the biostabilization of the incoming waste will take place.
The project envisages an increase in the treatment potential capacity of aerobic
biostabilization of non-hazardous waste equal to 100.000 t/year. This capacity will be
added to the current one of 315.000 t/year, for a total capacity of 415.000 t/year.
For the new enlargement section, it was decided to adopt the technology of biostabilization
in aerated static heaps, using a polyethylene bio-tunnel in order to make the plant
operative in a short time, given the emergency in the field of management and treatment
of urban waste in Sicily.
The materials / waste leaving the plant will consist of:

  • Non-specific compost, identified with CER 19.05.03, for an expected average quantity
    of about 300.000 t/year (of which about 220.000 t/year currently produced in the
    existing plant);
  • Leachate, code CER 19.07.03, for an expected average quantity of about 6.000 m³ /
    year from the existing section and about 3.700 m³ / year from the new project section
    (to be disposed of with authorized plant).