Testing of tank C and leachate treatment plant


On Friday 12 and Monday 15 July 2019, technicians of the X territory and environment sector of the free municipal consortium and Arpa S.T. of Syracuse inspected the landfill site for non-hazardous waste of the company Sicula Trasporti S.r.l. in C.da Coda Volpe, Lentini (SR). The aim was to verify compliance of the completed works with the approved landfill design for the “C basin” and the annexed ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis leachate treatment plant pursuant to General Director Decrees 649 of 20/11/2012 and 37 of 31/01/2018. The latter will process leachate produced within the entire landfill area owned by Sicula Trasporti S.r.l. with a capacity of 99 m3/day. Having completed their inspection, the technical experts confirmed the correct execution of the waterproofing of the tank and the accessory plant for the extraction, accumulation and treatment of waste-derived leachate.